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How Long does it Take to Build a Custom Home

Roy DiezNew Home Source Usually larger and more complex than a production home, a custom home, logically, will take longer to build. In fact, according to the latest available U.S. Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction, the average time it took to take a new home from authorization to completion in 2017 was 6.6 months for a […]

Selecting a Home Builder

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Builder When selecting a custom home builder, there are several essential factors to consider: Researching and Vetting Potential Custom Home Builders Once you have considered the key factors for choosing a builder, you’ll want to start researching and vetting potential builders. Here are some tips and strategies for […]

Tips for Custom Home Building

A custom home is a demanding prospect simply because not only does it cost quite a bit more than your regular suburban house, it often has unique, specialty components that need to be built from scratch. A custom home is an architectural statement of someone’s creativity and preferences and it is a real passion project […]